VUMA3D-network is an interactive network simulation program that is used for the simulation of steady-state environmental conditions encountered in underground mines, and allows for the simultaneous simulation of:

  • Airflow
  • Air thermodynamic behaviour
  • Gases (including radon and DPM)
  • Dust emissions
  • Applications include:
    • Planning and design of ventilation systems
    •  Verify environmental performance parameters
    •  Running of what-if scenarios and trade-offs
    • Energy optimisation
    • Dust/gas tracing throughout an underground mine
    • Fault finding and trouble shooting
    • Tracking of contaminants resulting from a blast
    • Determine blast clearance time
    • Fire module (Active maintenance required)
      • Considers combustion effect of fire on network, i.e. ventilation flow turnaround
      • Simulates the success of possible firefighting scenarios
      • Simulates existing fire control measures, e.g. doors installed to control a conveyor belt fire
  • Currently supported languages:
    •  English
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Polish
  • Universities & mining schools
    • Please contact us directly to arrange for free, fully functional academic versions and relevant training material and support


Similar in design to the flagship VUMA3D-network but customised to satisfy the specific needs of coal mines. Used for the simulation of steady-state environmental conditions encountered in underground coal mines.  Accurately represents coal mine layouts and mining methods.

  • Applications include:
    • Planning and design of ventilation systems
    • Verify environmental performance parameters
    • Running of what-if scenarios and trade-offs
    • Energy optimisation
    • Dust/gas tracing throughout an underground mine
    • Fault finding and trouble shooting
  • Excludes thermodynamic calculations


Based on VUMA3D-network and interfaces with on-line monitoring of underground conditions.  Employs several strategically selected inputs obtained from the mine’s instrumentations systems, to predict real-time environmental conditions throughout the mine.

  • Benefits include:
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Visualisation of underground ventilation conditions
    • Alarm when abnormal conditions are detected
    • Forward prediction of conditions
    • Daily reporting
    • Forward emergency planning and response
    • Planning energy conservation and changeover strategies
    • Risk analysis


Mine water circuit modelling tool accounting for the full thermodynamic interaction of the water reticulation network with the ventilation system.  Water flow is distributed as a function of pressure and the thermal effect of all network components (pipes, turbines, dams, etc.) is included to assist the optimal control of thermal energy systems.  VUMA3D-network models can be imported into VUMA3D-coolflow.

  • Applications include:
    • Effectiveness of cooling distribution strategies
    • Predict network system losses quantified per component
    • Simulates chilled water dams with ice melting
    • Effects of chilled water in production zones


Spreadsheets are great tools for number crunching, however when you have lots of data, for example stoping, and development reports, it requires a more efficient data management tool.

Here’s why spreadsheets should be replaced with VUMA3D-hub:

  • One version of the truth
  • Reducing the amount of time spent managing data
  • Giving you the ability to analyse data in a variety of ways
  • Promoting a disciplined approach to data management
  • Turning disparate information into a valuable resource
  • Improving the quality and consistency of accurate information
  • Improving feedback and presentation to management


Many industrial work processes create harmful airborne pollutants (ABP) that can cause occupational health related diseases. A local exhaust ventilation system is an engineering control system that captures dusts, vapours, and fumes at their source of generation and transports them away from the worker’s breathing zone. This prevents workers from inhaling these substances and reduces contamination of the general workplace air.

VUMA3D-lev is a evaluation and/or design tool for LEV systems ensuring correct volume flows, distribution, carry velocity etc. for LEV duct system network. The software is a valuable asset in determining the impact on the LEV system’s performance if geometry or elements are altered. VUMA3Dlev is a LEV network simulator based on the flagship VUMA3Dnetwork simulator used for mine ventilation, cooling, and environmental control which has been continuously developed over many years.


  • Evaluate existing LEV systems performance
  • Predict the impact on LEV system performance due to system alterations
  • Model/design new LEV designs


VUMA3D-lev can be coupled with a few strategic sensors and this results in a real-time monitoring of the LEV system to ensure that it is operating according to the design at any given moment. Alarms will be raised if the design criteria are not met.

VUMA3D-suite PC Requirements


Intel I3 or equivalent processor
4 GB RAM or more
2 GB of available hard disk space
Windows 7/8/10
DirectX 9 graphics device [NVIDIA 7 Series or higher]
Available USB port
Internet access for online activation
Admin rights (during installation)


Intel I5/I7 equivalent processor
8 GB RAM or more
Windows 10 64
23” Screen (or dual screen setup)
Internet access
NVIDIA GTX Series / Intel 4000 or better (equivalent) dedicated graphics hardware (onboard)